Thursday, 21 March 2013

Avoid spamming by Choosing Opt-in Email Marketing

Have you ever heard of a term called opt-in email anytime? If not, you may have definitely heard people speaking about permission based email marketing. All webmasters are aware of this term and also its importance in marketing and promotion of brands. Opt-in email marketing is a process which has gained considerable prominence in recent times. This term is similar to permission based marketing via emails. Both the terms entail that you are given permission to send email newsletters to a group of people who have opted for receiving them.

Whenever someone subscribes to the website content of some business house, he or she provides personal details which include the email address for providing consent for receiving email alerts from you regarding your products, services or new launches or announcements.

Unless it is stated in the subscriber list, the webmasters are not authorized to send newsletters to people. Even if the person has subscribed to some other website which is closely related to your business concern, you do not get permission to send email to him or her. Such lists are not allowed to share with others too.

Understanding spamming:
One of the easiest methods for understanding the concept of spamming is to know how these people engage in performing their task. These spammers often have some website which seems legitimate. It is complete with the presence of subscriber boxes. Many people fall prey to this trap and unknowingly opt-in for receiving such emails by subscribing to these websites. However, unlike the ethical businesses, spammers have a different technique of using these email identities. They harvest these addresses and make lists from them which are workable and viable. Such lists are then utilized for various purposes and are sold to others at a cost. This is the process in which spammers make money.

The actual concept of opt-in emails is protection of people from unnecessary botheration of email newsletters. People who sign in are the only ones who are then sent the concerned newsletters or adverts. For staying away from spammers, it is always advocated that you choose to sign-up with genuine websites only.

The next option used by genuine companies involved in marketing via emails is opt-out emails. This is a reassurance to the subscribers that their information is secure and safe. This allows the subscriber to opt-out as and when required, thus proving beneficial for them. One more option is the double email opt-in. Though in the initial stage it works similar to the opt-in email marketing technique, in this process, the subscriber receives a return email from the website to confirm his or her subscription along with a link which directs him or her to the website. This safeguards the member from unwanted emails by obtaining subscription to genuine website only.