Monday, 10 June 2013

Opt-in Email Marketing Services – Building Customer Trust in Your Company

Everyone wants to get their share of pie from the ever increasing and profit generating aspect of internet and email marketing. However, there are certain aspects which you need to gauge properly before you begin your endeavor of marketing via emails. Ensuring that the contacts you are sending the emails have already opted for receiving the information you provide is an extremely crucial element in any campaign of email marketing. The term opt-in has gained prominence due to the simple virtue that it has at the core a permission from the clients to receive newsletters from your end. However, this is an aspect which is best left to the experts and hence, it is advisable to contact the opt-in email marketing services for understanding this activity completely and gaining from their expertise in the process.

There are certain simple methods by which the contacts can opt-in or subscribe for receiving mails from you. One such method is signing via a simple sign-in form present on your company website. The next option is by filling his/her email ID on some purchase form present on the company website or a hard copy document presented in person including the terms and conditions of the agreement which states acknowledgement about receiving emails from your end. Some prospective clients may also drop their business cards at your office, or some trade show tents you may have put up. You need to also keep in mind that if you get a business card from someone during casual meetings at some conference or gathering, this does not necessarily mean that the person has opted to receive emails from you. The person might just be interested in hearing from your sometime in the future.

Honestly speaking, whenever someone provides you with his/her personal information, and there is some kind of an agreement; either via terms and conditions notice or verbal communication, this constitutes as opting in to receive emails or such other stuff from you. However, it is always better that when a verbal communication is done, you send confirmation via email before starting to send the newsletters or promotional emails to them. This will provide you with a proof about the concerned person opting in to receive mails from your end. This will also ensure that the receiver will not mark your emails as spam. The professional companies involved in email marketing will ensure that all these aspects are properly taken care of before blasting the emails to your listed clients on behalf of you.

The opt in email marketing services will see to it that the person present in your email list has acknowledged to receive the promotional emails from you. They will also provide an option to unsubscribe from receiving the emails, thus building the trust of the customers in your company.